Luxurious oatmeal face wash, for delicate skin.

This face wash is great for all skin typologies but especially for sensitive and mature skin types. Thanks to the oatmeal and kaolin clay,   it absorbs excess oil, and unclogs pores, acting as a gentle cleanser and exfoliator.

It is good for tired, damaged skin, it has healing properties due to its content rich in antioxidants  and antifungal effects.

It reduces scars, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and it soothes dry skin.

It has an overall brightening and toning action. Plus  it smells so  luxurious  that your mood and vibe will instantly change.

The recipe I made is for 180 gr < 3 small jars>, but if you desire to make a smaller quantity, reduce the ingredients by half.                

                      You will need : 

> a coffee grinder,

> a clean and sterilized recipient that you may close.

Place all the ingredients in the grinder.

Grind well until it has all become a homogeneous powder.        

Wait a few minutes before opening the grinder’s lid.          

Place the resulting powder into a jar , of choice, using a clean spoon.  

You may also leave it on, a little longer and use it as a mask, for extra pampering.

Storage: keep in a dry place away from moisture. If properly stored , it will last you for a very long time , up to a year.

Even my kitty loves it!
Enjoy the benefits of natural care!🌱


Chamomile face serum

This is  a simple yet effective recipe that will brighten your face and soothe your soul.

This face serum may be used during day time due to its light and yet hydrating texture. Thanks to the seabuckthorn and avocado oils, it  protects the skin  from oxidative damage caused by the sun and other  environmental factors. It also acts as an excellent face primer due to the Aloe Vera gel properties.The chamomile base oil , calms and soothes the skin, in addition to reducing redness, blemishes, and signs of aging. It acts as a natural skin lightener while promoting a healthy glow as it heals and restores its natural moisture content. It also increases the effectiveness of other skincare topical products.


Store in the fridge up to 2 months max.                       

As usual, although these are very safe ingredients, I advise you to perform a patch test before use, just in case!                      


The magic of Spring Equinox plants


On the 20th of March, we  welcomed Spring and joined our Mother Gaia in her cyclical dance of death and rebirth. The long-awaited Spring is officially here, although some would say, it may still be dormant in some areas, where snow decided to fall in copious amounts, perhaps as a last farewell, until next year. 

Along with the spring equinox, not so long ago, in some of the villages from Romania , Hunedoara , more precisely, a region called , Ținutul  Pădurenilor, every Friday before Sântoader , an Orthodox holiday that would be celebrated every 20th of March , women would start an early treasure hunt. But it was not gold they were hunting for , oh no, they were up and about, head bowed to the earth, seeking for  two magical, precious plants specifically  Iarba Vântului or Apera spica-venti and Popilnic or Asarum Europaeum.  These plants have , despite their toxicity if taken in high dosage, medicinal properties. However it was not for these properties that hills would brighten up with hundreds of hunched, colorful  women. These two plants were revered for their hair growth benefits. 

Before Sunrise, women gathered up in groups and headed to the forests and hills, to places where they knew these herbs would be found. They would even take offerings as bread, salt and eggs,  to leave in exchange for the roots they so painfully extracted from the dry and cold earth, while chanting  :

 “Popelnice, Popelnice, / Eu îţi dau pită şi ouă, / Tu să-mi dai cosiţă nouă. / Eu îţi dau pită cu sare, / tu să-mi dai cosiţă mare.”

Popelnic, popelnic/ I give you bread and eggs, you give me brand new braids/ I give you salted bread/ You give me luscious braids.

Once they got home , they would boil the roots , and use the concoction to wash their  hair with it. Afterwards they would trim the ends of their braids and hide the trimmings into a burrow and pray to the Sântoader for thick locks and health. 

Iarba vântului was even more precious , as besides its benefits for growing long and full braids (a symbol of fertility) it was believed to be a protective plant, which, picked on this day, would act as a talisman against evil charms, illness and bad luck , for the entire household. 

In fact, it was so precious that every girl would have it in their dowry case. Apparently, the case had a hidden drawer split into  four sections where there was salt , so that the woman would be thirsty with love of live , earth from her parent’s backyard , so that she would be fertile like the land, conciul miresei , a head adornment which would be worn by the bride on her wedding day, and lastly, iarba vântului , the invaluable plant which the women also called Sora Soarelui, the Sun’s sister, the protector of their family and their entire household. 

Sources : 

Matraguna- O etnobotanica magică Leacuri și Remedii magice . Cornel Dan Niculaie 



Illustration for Apera spica-venti from http://www.illustratedgarden.org/mobot/rarebooks/page.asp?relation=QK495F19H671801V3&identifier=0165. Public Domain

Illustration for Asarum Europaeum: https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Illustration_Asarum_europaeum0.jpg. Public Domain

Calendula and Lavender Salve

Calendula or Pot Marigold, by it’s Latin name: Calendula officinalis , is an ancient culinary and medicinal herb.  It’s been used for centuries in Ancient Greece, India, Egypt and since the Middle Ages all over Europe for dying fabric, but also for its culinary , cosmetic and medicinal purposes.    
It has been known as “poor man’s saffron”  and used to color and  flavour dishes.  
Folk herbalists from Europe used it to regulate the  menstrual flow, and decrease  fevers by inducing sweat.  In  Romania,  it is used in a newborn’s first symbolical  bath,  for its skin benefits but also for its protective and comforting properties.  It is also a love, prosperity and a goodnight sleep plant. 
It’s associated with the sun and its energies.                                   Calendula ointments and salves, are a must have in almost every Romanian home.  This  salve recipe is a personal twist on a more traditional one , made with just calendula flowers infused in porc lard, over a fire source.

○Calendula has antifungal, anti-inflamatory, astringent and antibacterial properties. ○Avocado oil, contains a high percentage of vitamin E as well as potassium. The oleic acid also promotes collagen production which helps regenerate the skin.   
○Lavender is naturally antibacterial and unclogs  pores   
This Salve has amazing healing properties, it heals from cuts to burns, including sun burns. It’s an all purpose ointment,  being really helpful  during the cold winter months.   
Please only use good quality essential oils, meant for internal use and not aromatherapy ones, as those are not intended for your body. 🌿Always clean , disinfect and sterilise your tools and pots before use.   
🌿I speak and write from my personal experience & research and share my journey with love in my heart.  🌿It is advisable to perform a patch test before replicating any type of recipe, no matter the sources.            

Enjoy !💛

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